SFMOMA to Reopen

by Sam Whiting | Apr 11, 2016

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art will reopen on May 14, 2016 after being closed for three years while a new space was created to house 4,000 new works in 460,000 square feet. The new museum has seven floors, and the fourth floor alone is bigger than all five floors of the previous SFMOMA building.

For the new museums expanded endowment, Thomas Weisel endowed the position of curator for painting and sculpture.

Three of the new museum galleries will be named the Thomas Weisel Family Galleries, in recognition of the support the family has provided to the museum. These galleries will feature works by California art and artists, including Robert Arneson, Wayne Thiebaud, Joan Brown, Lee Mullican, William Wiley, and Jess, among others.

Mr. Weisel has also promised the museum nine works by various artists for its new museum effort, six of which will be on display at the opening. These works loaned to SFMOMA by the Weisel family will be housed in special exhibition spaces on different floors of the museum.  One of the most important pieces in the loaned collection, Mark Grotjahn’s Untitled (Lotus Paul Signac Face 41.31), will be housed on the seventh floor in an exhibit dedicated to contemporary art. Another significant piece loaned by Thom Weisel, Mark Bradford’s Thievery by Servants, will be found on the second-floor landing wall outside of gallery 218. The Open Ended exhibit on the second floor will display two pieces by Lee Mullican, The Luminous Loot in gallery 205 and Dynaton Triptych in gallery 216. Finally, two other pieces from the Weisel family collection will be displayed on the fourth floor. These include Joan Brown’s Bathing Girls and Nathan Oliveira’s Walking Man #2.

Mr. Weisel was involved in the planning for SFMOMA’s expansion project, as well as the museum’s highly anticipated reopening, through his involvement in the Executive Committee, Campaign Finance Committee, Tech Committee, and as the Chair of the Committee of Trustees.


by Sam Whiting | Apr 11, 2016